The Really Useful Dog Training School

Innovative Games-Based Dog Training That Fits Your Life.

Maggi McAllister-MacGregor. MSc, BSc (Hons), BA (Hons).

We all lead busy lives and sometimes it’s difficult to fit formal training in. Who has time in their day to get a whole hour to train their dog? Playing short (often less than 3 minutes) games at different times throughout the day means that ‘Dog Training’ becomes part of your ‘way of life’ – Waiting for the kettle to boil? play a game. Ad’s during your favourite TV programme? play a game. Postman arriving? play a game.

Training in this way means that we become better at recognising ‘training opportunities’ throughout our dogs’ everyday life. Not only does this make you better attuned to your dog it also offers many opportunities to have your dog’s attention and focus on you throughout the day. This builds the relationship between you.

Remember too, that your dog becomes more of what they do every day. So, if what your dog is doing is engaging their focus and attention on you while playing a fun game and you do this 20 times a day, you’ll end up getting more focus and attention. So, if you find 20 opportunities to play a 30 second game that works on focus then that’s 600 seconds, or 10 minutes, spread throughout the day that’s building focus in your dog on YOU. If you do this every day, then pretty soon you’re going to get a dog that will have super focus on you! Just by spending say, 30 secs, numerous times a day!

We play different games to build the behaviours that we want – for example: Calmness, Proximity and Closeness, Self-Control, Confidence and Optimism, to name a few!

All our training methods are reward-based and force-free.

So, if you want a way to train your dog that becomes a ‘way of life’ to get a dog who is ‘ready for life’ then give us a call to discuss your needs.

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